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Terms and Conditions

By booking on to this course students accept and understand our terms & conditions. If you are booking on behalf of other people, you and your participants also accept and understand these conditions- and that you have made them aware of their these requirements contained your booking details.

Pre Course Requirements

Where a course requires that the student completes Pre Course study, the student understands and accepts that this must be completed in the prescribed manner by the student, and provided to the course instructor at the start of the course. If this is not done the student, they will not be able to attend the class and will need to re-book and pay again. Instructions on how to access the online work book are contained in the auto responder email you receive when booking or accessed via our website.

Arriving On Time & Class Attendance

We do like to start our courses on time. We will not allow entry to students who are more than 15 minutes late. The student will need to re book another date and pay again. Students must also return from breaks on time. There are continuous assessment activities throughout the course that all students must complete together. Students who are late back from breaks may be asked to leave and will lose their fees.

Course AssessmentIn order to successfully complete the course- students must demonstrate the required competency standards and will then be awarded their Statement of Attainment (Certificate). Assessment activities can include pre course work books, practical demonstrations, role-plays, directed questions, group discussions and case studies. Students are required to actively participate in all classroom assessments and will be conducted according to the relevant assessment criteria for the course qualification or Unit of Competency (UoC).

CPR Assessment- Courses HLTAID001, HLTAID002, HLTAID003 and HLTAID004 specify that students must be able to perform 4 minutes of uninterrupted CPR on adult & infant manikins placed on the floor. Students who are not able to do this cannot be awarded their Statement of Attainment.

The Nationally accredited first aid courses that we provide are in partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd (RTO 90909).

Cancellation Policy

Once you booked your public course date we will not issue any refunds if you decide not attend or have not completed your pre course work book. You may change your course date to another date provided you have informed us 48 hours in advance of your original booked date. Any alternate date is subject to availability and must be taken within 2 months of your original booking date.

A full refund of a student’s prepaid fees will be given if a course is cancelled, rescheduled to another time or location that is not suitable to the student or client by Revive Emergency Medical Training at any time. No further monies will be paid for any other expenses incurred by the student(s) and client.

Onsite group bookings may be cancelled by giving 7 days notice before the course date without any charges. If less than 7 days notice then a $250 late cancellation charge is due. If any adverse circumstances arise during or before the delivery of a course at a public or client onsite training venue and/ or premises (e.g excessive noise, but not limited to), which in the reasonable opinion of Revive Emergency Medical Training prevents or impinges on the safe or effective course delivery, the course will be stopped and no refund given. Revive Emergency Medical Training may elect to restart, relocate or to reschedule the course to a suitable time once the adverse circumstances have been remedied to our satisfaction. Additional charges may then apply for group onsite bookings.

Student Sickness

Where a student suffers an illness or injury that prevents them from attending their booked course date. The student (or their representative) must inform us within 2 days of their missed class date. The student must then provide a copy of a Doctors Certificate to us within 5 days. An alternate date may be then booked subject to availability and must be taken within 2 months of the students original booking date.

Our Commitment To Privacy

We will not sell your personal information to any third party.

Your privacy is important to us. All information about students and clients is strictly confidential, and we will respect your privacy. Personal information that you provide to us will be given to Revive Emergency Medical Training staff, the relevant RTO (if applicable) and various regulatory bodies, where there is a requirement to disclose such information. The information we obtain is used for the purposes of course administration, payment, delivery, assessment, auditing and keeping our students and clients informed of our services and products. We may also use any course photographs or videos taken of students on our marketing material, website’s and social media. Where a third party e.g. client or employer has paid for a student’s course fees, we may provide certification details to the client if requested and student post course evaluation forms.

Students and clients have the right to access their personal information subject to certain exceptions contained in the Privacy Act. They should address the request in writing to the Privacy Officer at Revive Emergency Medical Training we may request that you provide POI to process your request.

Student With Special Needs

If you have any special needs that students feel that may impact on their ability to participate in our training course should contact us by email at bookings@firstaidperth.com.au before booking. Any request for Reasonable Adjustment would be a decision that would need to be made on a case by case basis. The level of individual impairment would need to be considered and a decision made as to the suitability based on the training package requirements.

While adjustments can be made to assessment procedures, the integrity of the unit of competency and/or qualification must be upheld. This does mean that some students can not be enrolled if there is little chance of them being able to meet the assessment criteria. The industry skills council assessment guides also explicitly states that HLTAID competency standards do require a level of physical ability to meet the evidence requirements for assessment. We also have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of a student (and others) would not be compromised due to their impairment whilst they were undertaking the training.

Student Access & Equity

We believe in the fair and equal treatment for all, and do not discriminate against any individual on the basis of race, colour, sex, religion or sexual orientation. We also do not accept discriminatory behaviour from students in any of our classes.

Our instructors and assessors will help and support students as much as they can where possible- especially for those students with LLN or physical disabilities. This provided that their disability does not prevent them from completing the training and assessment in a fair and valid way. That is, the standards expected should be the same irrespective of the group and/or individual being assessed; otherwise comparability of standards will be compromised. (Definition taken from The Standards for NVR Registered Training Organisations 2011). Any questions raised regarding access and equity can be addressed to the Director.

Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

All delivery, assessment and instruction are carried out in English unless otherwise stated.

There may be the opportunity available for you for ‘reasonable adjustment’ concerning the assessment process, depending on the level of support you require. Some courses may have higher LLN requirements and will be specified in the course information. LLN activities include

-Using computers to access the online learning platform
-Viewing and understanding, videos and slides
-Clearly and correctly filling out forms
-Correctly answering Multiple Choice Questions (100% required- student will get repeat chances)
-Actively taking part and effectively communicating in role-plays, class discussions, questions & answers and case studies to assessors and other students
-Demonstrating practical skills competently
-Short Answer Questions and incident report forms for HLTAID004, HLTAID005, HLTAID006 and  Asthma & Anaphylaxis courses.

Grievance Mechanism

Revive Emergency Medical Training has developed a Grievance Policy to ensure that participants and clients have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with grievances. All complaints will be received in an open and positive manner. Every effort will be made to encourage students and clients to express any concerns or issues they have, and have them managed in a confidential, sympathetic, prompt and professional manner.

In the event that a student encounters a problem with a trainer or another member of the course, we urge that the student speak to the person directly. If the issue cannot be resolved through discussion, a written complaint form should be requested and submitted to Revive Emergency Medical Training. An appropriate staff member will then contact the student and organise a meeting to discuss their concerns.

The basis of the complaints system is:

A. Each complaint and it’s outcome is recorded in writing
B. Each complaint has an opportunity to present their case if required.
C. Each complaint is given the outcome in writing including any reasons
D. If a complaint is found to be substantiated, then Revive Emergency Medical Training will act on that outcome
E. Each appeal is heard by an independent person.
If an amicable result cannot be achieved the student may access 3rd party intervention as made available by Revive Emergency Medical Training. Students will receive a student complaint, grievance or appeals outcome statement.

Appeals Process

Revive Emergency Medical Training has developed an Appeals Policy to ensure that participants and clients have access to a fair and equitable process for dealing with complaints regarding final assessment outcomes.

Fees and Charges

All prices are in AUD and are inclusive of GST of 10% (unless otherwise stated). Prices are subject to change without notice. Our credit terms are 14 days from date of invoice issue. An interest rate 8% p.a charge will be applied to any outstanding accounts. Any costs or charges incurred by us in the recovery/ collection of an overdue account will also be paid by the purchaser. The laws of the Sate of Western Australia will apply to any disputes. Any quotes provided are valid for 14 days.

The conditions for payment of course fees, where these are payable, are as follows:

A. Students/clients will be notified of all costs associated with the course
B. place on a course or program booking will only be reserved on receipt of the full fee or deposit (by prior agreement) or a purchase order (by prior agreement).
C. Fees are payable in full irrespective of the course outcome.
D. All course fees must be paid in full before a Certificate of Qualification or Certificate of
Attainment can be issued.
F. A fee of $16.50 will apply to the reprinting of certificates

Goods will only be shipped when;

A. Full Payment has been made via credit card
B. Purchase Order has been received (By prior arrangement)
C. Deposit has been paid (By prior arrangement)

All goods and services supplied by Revive Emergency Medical Training remain our property until full payment is received.

We can only accept orders placed by persons over the age of 18 years and who are able to enter legally binding contracts. If you are under 18 years of age and would like to use our products and services, you will need to have an adult place the order on your behalf.

It is unlawful to place orders under a false name or with a fraudulently obtained credit card or cheques. We will prosecute any fraudulent ordering to the fullest extent the law allows.